Purple Flax Crowd Control Stanchion

Queuing stanchion (or crowd control railing, crowd control post, stantion) is the most effective way to provide visual barrier and public guidance, with applications ranging from queue line management to area access restriction. When you go to an airport, you see stanchions; when you go to an amusement park, you see stanchions; when you go to an exhibition/conference center, you see stanchions. When you check in a hotel, stanchions are there to tell you where to form a line; when you are ready to check out in a store, stanchions tell you where to pay. Stanchions form queuing barriers in a crowded shopping mall; stanchions protect exhibits in a museum; stanchions show you where to wait in line outside a movie theater. You find stanchions at schools; you find stanchions at government buildings; you find stanchions at stadiums, churches, banks, casinos, lobbies. You find stanchions at just about everywhere, any place where crowd control is an issue.  Everybody is using stanchions, why not your business?  Stanchions are so popular because of their elegance, their self-explanatory nature and their flexibility in forming crowd guildance layouts. There are two major kinds of portable stanchion: the traditional velour/velvet rope stanchion and the retractable belt stanchionRope stanchions are mostly used in places like opera houses, museums, conference centers and other classic environments, whereas belt stanchions are more common at people queue linesPurple Flax offers both kinds of stanchion of the best quality and price. All of their stanchions are metal, most of them are stainless steel, attractively polished, and mounted on floor-protecting weighted bases.  Available are two height options for both rope stanchion and belt stanchion: the standard 41″ and the shorter 35.4″. The shorter stanchions not only save you money, but are also more desirable in places like schools where people are smaller; and when being used in guarding purpose, so that views of objects won’t be obstructed.  All of Purple Flax‘s belt stanchions are equipped with belt locking mechanism, built-in braking and 4-way belt attachment inlet.  You may also have a good variety of stanchion post colors, belt colors and velour rope colors to choose from. And don’t forget to check out the budget stanchion sign holders designed to hold 8.5″ x 11” flyers.


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