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Still remember how upset your customers were when they ended up in the wrong queue?

"Is this the line?  How am I going to find out?"

Telltail Flag -  An Innovative Way of Crowd Control

What it is and how it works

Telltail Flag is a handheld directional sign with a
small tag on the handle, telling people to pass it
down.  As a result, it works as a dynamic sign
that always stays in the had of the last person
in line.  On the flag, you may write down all the information people want to know about the line.

Why you need it
  • To direct people to the right queue, without having them to walk all the way up front to find out.
  • To signal the end of line, which can thus be seen even from a distance.  In addition, people at a "loose end" will no longer have to ask around, "Excuse me, are you stand in line?"
  • To maintain order: cutting-in-line situation can be avoided * and manpower can be saved, especially in areas where barriers are limited.

*An all too familiar situation: 

When a queue line takes a turn, a newcomer from the other side (person #6) might not be aware of person #5 already standing behind #4, and thinks (s)he should be the one after #4, resulting a "branch out", a confusion that can be avoided with the use of Telltail Flag.

Patent pending.

How much manpower does it normally take to control the crowd? (Count the number of green shirts.) 


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